Yummy Donuts

Welcome to Mom’s Mini Donuts Blog.


We are a family owned small business.  We are also a homeschool family, so needless to say…there is never a dull moment around here.  We started this blog to keep you up to date with what is going on at Mom’s Mini Donuts.

Our newest venture is the transition of our logo.    To make a long story short, we had to change our logo for printing purposes.  We had been wanting to personalize some of our items for several years, and this year it’s becoming a reality.  It has not been without lots of research and sacrifice though.  We found a graphic artist who was willing to take our ideas and create a new, printable logo for us.  We were sad to see our original logo change, but feel this is a good transition, since Mom’s Mini Donuts has had a transition of its own over the last 6 years.

On another note, we are excited to be trying out new holiday inspired donuts and glazes.  We would love to hear your flavor requests, so don’t be shy.  Also, if anyone is interested in taste testing, we will be doing that real soon.  We are still creating, so get your special requests in soon.